Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UPDATED: Lunch with a HottHe...

    "hi handsome. i was clearly impressed by you....obviously time spent with a good looking, charming, fun man, eating delicious pizza will never fail...lunch was an absolute delight" - Tess

    For the first time ever, He stepped out from behind the mask that is He. Tess from Little Black List was the lucky winner who got to see first hand The King of Fashion. Was she impressed? Of course, if the comments alone don't tell you that, she did a whole LBL Post on He. If you are wondering, Yes Tess was absolutely He Approved. How could you not be for a lunch with a King?


    Want to meet He? Want to meet Tess? Come to the Fashion by He Party September 24th.

    P.S. He has been working hard to make this a f*cking awesome party. Few things are missing though, if anyone knows a photographer, someone legit, have them He-mail He, as He has no desire to walk around this party taking pictures all night.

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