Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tattoos & Piercings, How Does He Feel?

    Many of the ArmHe soldiers wonder what He thinks about tattoos and piercings. Obviously if you have a Fashion by He Tattoo, He loves it. But really what are He's thoughts on tatts and piercings...He gives you some words of wisdom below... (pic is Tess)

    Tattoos: He has no tattoos, and has no plans on ever getting any. If this website turns into a billion dollar deal, then maybe He would tattoo Fashion by He on his ass, but until then not gonna happen. (send all billion dollar offers to fashionbyhe@gmail.com) We have all heard of the now famous, lower back tattoo being commonly referred to as the "tramp stamp" but in fact its the girl that makes it such not the location of the tattoo. He doesn't mind a tattoo here or there, a foot, rib cage, wrist, hell He doesn't mind a Vattoo either. What He does run into problems with is full on arm, back, big ass tattoos. To He thats not enjoyable. He also kind of wants to limit the number of tatttos, because after maybe 4 or so its starting to get to be a bit much.

    Piercings: Ears, maybe a nose, nipple, and anything below the belt (seems a little trashy, but He is gonna let it slide for now) are all He Approved. When you start getting into cheek and eyebrows and face and whereever the hell else people are stabbing themselves these days, He no longer approves. Those spacers or whatever they are called that make huge holes in your ears, yea Not gonna work for He either.


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