Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TV presenter has severe asthma attack live on air after swallowing a mosquito

    By Mail Foreign Service

    On-air emergency: The mosquito can be seen flying into Huang Ching's mouth as she's speaking live on air

    A Taiwanese TV presenter had a severe asthma attack live on air after a mosquito flew into her mouth and bit her.

    Huang Ching had to be hospitalised after she swallowed the creature, which then got stuck in her windpipe while she was reading the news.

    The brave host continues with the broadcast despite the incident

    Hard to swallow: The mosquito gets lodged in the presenter's throat as she reads the news

    Hospitalised: Ching received emergency care after the incident

    But China Television Co moved quickly and urgently put on a four-minute advert while it drafted in a replacement presenter to carry on with the broadcast.

    The senior anchor was hospitalised for a day after the incident.

    'I never expected a mosquito to have such a great power. It really gave me a bad day,' Huang said after recovering.

    source: dailymail
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