Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweatpants - The Good vs The Ugly...

    The argument continues another day on Fashion by He, as He brings back the Sweatpants discussion. He has brought you pictures of ugly sweatpants and even uglier sweatpants. He brought the discussion to the blog a long while ago asking if sweatpants were ever ok, He feels that given the right look, there is no issue with sweatpants. As He previously wrote, Mariah Carey is gross in sweatpants, models and girls like Lena are not!

    Yesterday, He was walking down the street, and this chick in front of He (seen above) was wearing little boy sweatpants and some ugly cut out sandals. It was real bad, look at the pictures, He almost considered tripping her, just to make the moment funnier. Obviously flats and sweatpants do not match. Let's make that Rule 1. No Flats. Rule 2, no kiddie sweatpants and flats. Check out Lena, from Quality Rivets, seen on the right, this chick f*cking gets how to pull this look off. Heels! When in doubt with most any outfit, it can instantly be made to look better by adding heels.

    Rule 3
    - wear heels. On top of that by wearing the heels, Lena is showing off MAJOR ankle cleavage and calf cleavage. By now we all know how much ankle cleavage makes He happy. Bottom line is, Lena makes this outfit look good and therefore, He thinks YES sweatpants are okay to wear and can be worn and dressed up to go anywhere. BUT if you choose to wear them like that wacko on the left, may the ArmHe have mercy on your soul.
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