Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shoe of the Week...ASOS

    He was browsing through ASOS the other day, and found these two, but couldn't decided which to feature. Since He is King afterall, He made the bold decision to feature both, how about that.

    The top heel is the ASOS BLACK BOOM Leather & Stingray Wedge with one of the biggest heel heights ever featured on Fashion by HE at 6.2" and a 2.2" platform height. Ending the story right there how could they not be He approved. Besides that they have a snake skin like bottom and a suede like top. That's enough info to want to buy them by He's standards.

    The bottom heel is the ASOS BLACK BLUSH Leather Platform Shoe that just looks like a cool heel. Some heels just have that it factory, this is one of those types. 5.8" heel and 1.8" platform. He thinks platforms are all the range with heels this day, supposedly makes it easier to walk or whatever, not something He really gives a sh*t about, but hey if it helps women wear heels more often go for it.

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