Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sex in the City 2...Fashion by He Review!

    So He was finally dragged to see Sex in the City 2. Instead of actually caring what was going on during the movie, He instead took some notes:

    Carrie: A perfect example that good clothes and high heels can make a decent person look good. Overall Sarah J Parker is not a very goodlooking woman, she is what He would call a "butter face": great body, not so good face. So bottom line is, if you have good clothes and hot HIGH heels you will look better than you actually are.
    Heels: These women wear heels all the time. He has said that in hundreds of blog posts, "the higher the heels, the hotter the girl." This statement holds true throughout the entire movie.
    Carrie's Apt: When we open Sex in the City 2, we learned that Carrie and Big have moved into a new smaller apt. Fine, whatever, He will buy this. But He will not buy the fact that this rich couple sleeps in a twin sized bed (bit of an exaggeration) but still, its a freakin small bed. Hell, He's bed is bigger.
    Carrie: Anyone else notice the ridiculous fake tanner she had on? Someone who is always on the cutting edge of fashion would hopefully not be orange.
    Carrie's Sleepwear: Spoiler alert: Maybe the marriage problems her and Big had were due to the outfits she wore to bed. Their relationship losing its sparkle has to be due to those horrible outfits. Wanna talk about the least sexy things imaginable, or a way to let your man know you are NOT interested in sex, wear something from her lingerie collection. Outfits: Ok Ok they wore high end designers the entire movie, He gets it, they are all rich have lots of money buy lots of clothes etc. But even still, who the f*ck changes outfits every 5 min? The answer: NO ONE. He gets it, they are trying to display all the clothing in a short (2.5 hrs) amount of time. But He just isn't buying the fact that between one activity and the next a full wordrobe change is necessary.
    The Nanny: He's favorite character in the movie. Why? Because just goes to show dreams do come true. "Hot nannies liking other hot nannies."

    Overall Rating: eh, first one was better.
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