Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Party in the USA...Are You Dressed Right?

    He is in a casual Friday mood today so He's going with a beach-inspired look left over from Memorial Day weekend. In He's travels He came across this look about a thousand times, some good, some not so good, so He decided to throw it out to the ArmHe. Bikini top with short shorts unbuttoned or rolled to tease the bikini bottom: definitely not a new look but one that continues to appear in the summer all over the world, He assumes. Right off the bat He has no problem with good looking girls in bikinis, as long as they have a solid body and a flattering bikini (extra points for cheeky bottoms), so thats a plus. The unbottoned shorts seemed a little unecessary at first, but then He saw a few ladies sporting the bottoned up shorts and they looked too tomboyish, so maybe unbuttoned is the way to go. After review, He thinks this can be a classic but sexy, He-approved look when done correctly. Let's see what the ArmHe thinks.
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