Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NO This is Not Just a Hot Girl...

    Besides the fact that HE loves posting pictures of good looking girls, there is more to this story then meets the eye. Meet Irely by Saireyg a Hanky Panky type looking underwear that has a secret compartment.

    By offering the only undergarments with a hidden pocket that sits in the small of the back, Irely plays upon the fact that every woman has a "secret side", something she may keep hidden but that she treasures about herself. This hidden pocket is a special place to put anything from cash and credit cards to small iPod’s.

    Anyway, He wants to know do women actually need this secret pocket? Do you have that much you need to hide. Aren't your bags big enough to hold everything? An iPod in your underwear? Is this for your lingerie party pillow fights, so now you can jam out to music too? Help He understand this...

    P.S. Someone find out for He who these two blonde models are so that He can make them HottHes of the Week - Twins Edition.

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