Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Member of the ArmHe Needs Our Help...

    Ok Mister He, I love your blog and everything and I respect your opinion SO.. I have a question. I am almost 17 and I will be a senior this year in high school. I LOVE wearing heels (I would wear them almost everyday, actually I pretty much do) to school but I am from Michigan- the land of the fashion illiterate and people are always commenting on them, sometimes negatively because they don't understand that HEELS ARE FABULOUS. I feel like they think that I am being over the top. I would love it if you would email me back and tell me what you think. Should I tone it down and respect the quite fashion of my school in the middle of the cornfield and save them for when I hopefully attend fashion school in Chicago or NY, or should I rock them anyways. It's just hard to feel confident sometimes when people are so judging and non understanding of fierceness. Ya know. - Taylor

    First off, thanks for the email. Second, no member of the ArmHe gets left behind. Third, wear the heels every single day. If guys in your school are too dumb to realize that girls look better in heels then in flats, well then they still have a ways to go before their balls drop. If any girls have a problem with you wearing heels, they are obviously jealous. If they still have a problem tell them to read FbyHe. If problem persists, have them contact He for a lashing.

    Vote I Agree: If Taylor should keep wearing the heels.
    Vote I Disagree: If you think Taylor Should conform and not wear the heels.
    NEW: Fashion by He is going to be starting a new weekly post called "HotHe of the Week" This feature will be of a person nominated by the ArmHe for having great style. He doesn't just want to see blog posts being nominated. (although some will be allowed) Try and send everyday street style pictures, or if you looked good on a night out, etc. Nominate a friend, nominate yourself, it doesn't matter. Send a picture, your name, and where you are from (or facebook link) to fashionbyhe@gmail.com and you could find yourself as the next "HotHe of the Week."
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