Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Korean Actress, Jun Ji Hyun

    Jun Ji-Hyun

    Ms. Jun Ji-Hyun, is a Korean actress who starred in the movie "My Sassy Girl". This actress has been very charming on her movies. She captures the heart of her audience with the use of her natural feel for her role.

    Due to this lady’s beauty, Korean beauty is well represented in the movie industry.

    Looking forward for her coming movies…

    Personally, I’m not fond of live action adaptation of anime/manga, but I sure am not going to miss this one. Blood: The Last Vampire live action movie, with Jun Ji-Hyun as Saya! (If you don’t know who is Jun Ji-Hyun, go grab yourself a copy of the movie My Sassy Girl)


    So who is Jun Ji-Hyun? She is this really pretty Korean actress:


    How closely does Jun Ji-Hyun resemble Saya, well, you be the judge:


    And some pictures from the film:



    Also starring Allison Miller – not interested…


    Ah, can’t wait to watch it. Did I mention that Blood+ is one of my favorite anime series?

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