Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He Loves He Some Hater-ade...

    Yesterday He received a wonderful comment from emillinerozzari. Which you will be able to read below. Since He loves getting comments so much, and even more enjoys when people flip their sh*t, He decided this would be a great comment to break down for the ArmHe, and additional a great attempt to make emillinerozzari look like a fool. Let's Do This...
    (Comments in italics, He comments in bold.)

    okay, i have scrolled this far and really have to say - apart from your campaign to put the UGLY in UGG there isnt much worth reading on here and im disappointed to be frank. you sound too hoity and are putting down key trends in favour of glitter and vulgarity! Well Emillinerozzari. Thank you for your opinion, all-be it wrong, He does appreciate what the readers have to say. He believe that if you took the time to read deeper into the blog, He is more then just "hoity." He doesn't just put down "key trends" He actually attempts to bring out the foolishness in them. But thanks again for the support.

    for example - that simply divine leather 'armour' is not about function, its about form, which IS fashion. besides which its CLEARLY for layering...Sooo..what your saying is form is fashion? Got it, thanks for the education. Does any form mean fashion? Because this Furry Oversized Jacket has form, but He is confident no one thinks this is good fashion. You say that this armour is for layering. He doesn't care how much layering you do with that armour, you will still look ridiculous, but hey thanks for playing.

    why dont you indulge readers in things that you like rather than childish photos edited with Paint. Thanks for bringing this up, because it allows He to tell you that there is whole section on Fashion by He called YES PLEASE, all items and people He likes, imagine that. As far as "childish edited photos" - well that's a personal insult, He takes all of He's artwork very seriously. And He is proud of He's 3rd grade artwork education, thank you very much.

    perhaps take some street fashion photos when you see a good outfit? and stop referring to yourself in theird person until you garner that respect and don't just sound like you have airs of grandeur. Good outfits, He thinks we discussed this in the last paragraph. "Theird person" How DARE YOU. "Garner respect" Respect is taken not it's earned..."airs of grandeur" What is this word you speak of? May you refer to the description of this blog where He has proclaimed He-self the KING OF FASHION, pretty sure that garners some respect, and at least allows He to speak about He-self in the theird person (ps. it's spelled third, even He knows that and He cannot spell for sh*t)

    please take this as constructive crit - I work for a mainstream fashion publication. He doesn't take constructive criticism, He gives it. And Whoopie f*cking dooo... you work for a "mainstream fashion publication" here is your virtual pat on the back. Hows the mail room working out for you. Sunny this time of year?
    -He out
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