Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He Gives Back...GeboMana

    The other day He received a gift in the mail.(for anyone that wants a write up of any sort on FbyHe, free gifts always help) It was an awesome t-shirt from GeboMana. GeboMana are t-shirts that are handcrafted on the island of Bali. Now the part about He doing some good:

    Every GeboMana T-shirt is unique and is numbered by hand making it part of a limited edition. All shirts are 100 percent certified organic cotton grown in India. And every time we ship just 5 T-shirts we can start educating another child from a developing nation in sustainable practices. It's the gift of opportunity. The gift of hope.

    Check out this video about unpacking your very own GeboMana T-Shirt. This is the very first time FbyHe has ever done anything for the good of the world, like real good, not just starting a War on UGGS. Go ahead check out the website and More Shirt Designs. and if you can get a shirt or 5 it'll help out someone you will never meet. Facebook - GeboMana

    P.S. Tomorrow is FbyHe's Birthday, so be sure to check back tomorrow and show He some love.
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