Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FashionVOTE by He...Who Wore it Better?

    He has been holding back on the ArmHe, we have gone weeks without a Who Wore it Better post. This weeks addition of "FashionVOTE by He" is Rompers and Wedges, and it does not look like an easy vote. The question is: Who Wore it Better? But first, let's break down what we are looking at...

    Girl 1: Sik romper. Now this we don't see too often, but He is a big fan of silk. Clingy, flowly, sexy material, gets instant points. With a odd cut out back this beauty went braless which as we all know gets major confidence points in He's book. Cork wedge shoes. Silver watch. Long hair another plus. Not much to find wrong with this outfit.
    Girl 2: Flower romper. Floral print has been very popular this summer, He was never too much in love with it, but it works. Black wedges this time around and a gold watch. Girl 2 goes with the long dark hair, guess it depends if you're into blondes or brunettes.

    Time for the ArmHE to Vote:
    Vote I Agree: Girl 1
    Vote I Disagree: Girl 2

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