Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FashionVOTE by He...Who Wore it Better?

    Welcome back to our weekly FashionVOTE by He - Who Wore it Better? "Models Looking Good in Red" is this weeks motto. Months ago, He wrote a post asking Models why they typically look so bad when they aren't being paid to look good. It would seem that models around the world, read the He post, and decided to step up their games. On that note, applause to all the models in NYC lately, because He has seen a ton of you walking around looking amazing. So He wants to give some credit where its due....But for now...Let's see how the ladies of "Who Wore it Better?" did this week. He breaks down the two looks...

    Girl 1: Or should He say, Model 1, super tall, black leggings, little flap over bottle heels. Nothing too high, but this chick was seriously tall. He is a tall guy, but this chick had even He beat. There was like a floral flowing dress underneath. Bright red jacket and a small shoulder bag. Model 1 got He's attention, but not sure everyone else was looking. Hair up.
    Girl 2: AKA Model 2, brought her freakin game out today. Again, Hair up and we got the short red jacket, black leggings. To stay warm Model 2 had on a HUGE scarf, like it was probably enough scarf material for 2-3 people, but somehow it worked. For a tall chick to strap on a high pair of wedges, you instantly get He's attention and Approval.

    Time for the ArmHE to Vote:
    Vote I Agree: Girl 1
    Vote I Disagree: Girl 2

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