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FashionTALK by He...TaraLyn

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    Happy Friday to All, Welcome to the next addition of FashionTALK by He, more like with He, but who cares. He asked HottHe, TaraLyn to step in for He today and pump out an awesome article about sexiness, thigh highs, and pretty much everything else He likes. As always, it takes a lot to get a featured on article posted on FbyHe, so you can already assume this is a He Pre-Approved Post (Would love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment):

    It’s the turn of the season , bikinis and flimsy dresses are being put to rest, sexy strapy slightly sultry high heeled sandals are being passed over for boots and socks. Heavy sweaters and leggings rule the street. We forgo the gym for hot cocoa (or better yet organic non-fat soy sugar free half-caf carob lattes) in a too trendy coffee house or a full bodied glass of cabernet at a cosy bistro with friends.

    How is it that an urban cosmopolitan girl to stay motivated when this season is forgiving of winter weight and flaw-covering without passing over style; never mind the need to be warm?

    Here’s a little hint. Toss out those old bras, laundry day panties and frumpy cotton camis, its time to enhance your lingerie wardrobe. Seriously ladies, how many times have you been told not to judge a book by its cover? This season, it’s all about what is underneath, so invest in that La Perla lace corset or that Wolford one piece that cinches you in all the right places and pushes you up more than Dr. Whoever from Nip/Tuck would if he had the chance; but they don’t have to be all designer, H&M and other smaller stores carry great pieces that are much less than Dior and Prada panties so don’t skimp on the unpractical pieces – just find them for less. It’s time to go out in search of an array of sultry singles and intricate bras and panties. Go forth and search for ones that make you feel happy and simply pretty; the same way you would with outer garments. The result: your skin feeling the luxury and of sensual materials that hug and caress you. Without trying you’ll have that “I’ve got a secret” look that every hot blooded man in the room can’t steal their gaze away from and every woman is hoping she is giving off.

    Skirts and dresses are also for winter. Let’s look at some fun hints to keep them wearable through the colder months. Pair your favourite pieces with boots or even better a great pair of pumps and thigh high stockings – no one else will know what you have hidden underneath – garters are not just for seduction scenes in bad porn films or late night skinaMAX. Don’t want to appear older than your age in boring stockings? Patterns and fishnets are so this second. But girls, remember, with fishnets its all about the small tight criss-crosses not the ones that look like they could double as netting to trap lobsters or that you could be channelling a early 1990s low end call girl. Not ready to delve fully into patterns and fishnets, a simple dark seam up the back of any stocking – or thigh high – will elongate the legs without leaving you feeling like you hosiery has too much going on.

    Even better about this season you’ve covered and leggings allow you to go with the “less is more” concept and forgo undergarments all together – if your not completely comfortable with this concept Commando has inserts that stick to your jeans in lieu of actually wearing underwear, as if their basic thong wasn’t invisible enough. I wouldn’t recommend trying this under any cashmere silk twin set or thin sweater – the right now look is sexy smart, not smutty country club mistress.

    Pulling off any look is all about attitude. So, make sure all your layers make you feel as sexy, confident and seductive or as sweet and flirty and romantic as you do in candle light…

    P.S. Let He know what you think, and stay tuned for more Features by TaraLyn.
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