Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FashionTALK by He...Advice from a Dating Expert!

    Meredith from Fifty First (J)dates, is stopping by to help out with some "What to Wear" on a First Date tips. Give it a read and let He know if Meredith tips are good or if He should step in and set the ArmHe straight on first date rules. Here we go:

    The hardest part about going out on dates with the boys I have been conversing with is figuring out what to wear, duh. All I want is a rotating closet like Cher Horowitz. On several occassions I have considered asking where Charlie my dry cleaner buys his machinery but lets be real, that's a bit much. Maybe some day when I am a famous writer and simultaneously buy dry cleaning clothing conveyor belts. You bring me a red-wine stained top, I pump out a few choice amusing lines and everyone wins.

    I guess it's all sorta the same to boys (I mean a burka is different from a bikini) but no boy is going to know that you're wearing JBrands and a great Madison Marcus top versus a Phillip Lim dress. I decided I needed some form of armor for my amorous adventures in alliteration. Skirts: can be slutty, especially because I like to wear short ones. Dresses can look like you tried too hard.

    What about heels?

    Now, I decided, against probably my better judgment and what my peers/advisers/friends would say, to wear heels. If you know me well, you know I like extremely high shoes. The higher the better. Basically, small heels are for wussies. And I am not a wuss. Heels are my must have on my dates. I know i know, they can be intimidating, I'm already 5'7 (and towering over half the Jewish male population as is) but if the guy can't handle it, then he can't handle me. So I decided that since I was going to wear heels on my first dates, I should probably wear pants. I chose jeans (which i hate, but i chose basically jeggings, which are a crazed invention that has been cooked up in my absence from the northern hemisphere, along with justin bieber) and a cute three quarter length white top. Innocuous, cute, elegant, doesn't scream I take my clothes off for anyone who wears a yarmulke. I wore this top on my first 3 dates, and then I spilled tomato sauce on it.

    Read more of Meredith at Fifty First (J)dates.

    P.S. Don't forget to RSVP for the Fashion by He Party, HE Party. Invite some friends too.

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