Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FashionHELP by He...Outdoors Date

    I am an avid follower of your blog...I'm an outdoorsy chick who loves my dresses, skirts, heels, etc, but has difficulty dressing fabulously for those outdoor adventures. Any suggestions on how one should go about being dressed in those circumstances? -The Frog Files

    Well FF Thanks for the email. Outdoor adventure sounds like quite the date. You might want to start off your date outfit with those Those Stretchy Black Leggings. Let He tell you, these things are a thing of beauty. If you got a good ass these leggings are gonna show it off. Keep the look going with a clean pair of sneakers, remember to show off some Ankle Cleavage. From there your options are limitless. Go crazy and have fun. Let's see if the ArmHe can give some more helpful tips.


    p.s Not sure that the google readers/followers is working, but if you want to Follow He you can click FOLLOW on the top left corner of the blog, it will allow you to become a follow. Please Follow!

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