Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fall is Coming...Get All Wet...

    Here is the deal, the weather is getting cooler, summer is almost over, but that in no way means that the end of bathing suit season has hit yet. In fact, bathing suit season is still going strong. All Wet Beachwear sent He a bathing suit, typically a blogger would post a pic of them in the bathing suit, but let's all just agree, that He in a two piece would not be the best thing for Fashion by He. Forget the fact that He is not putting on the bathing suit, what made He happiest was the fact that they took the time out to send He a Cheeky Bottom. Half the people that reach out to He ask if He will wear the gift in a blog post. WTF, did you even take a second to read the title of this blog? Respect the King, goddamn it. Anyway, Fall and Winter are just as much bathing suit season as the summer. Why? There is no better time for a vacation then when its f*cking snow or sleeting all over NYC. Do everyone a favor and make sure the Cheeky Revolution continues all year long. All Wet Beachwear sent He the bathing suit pictured, and that's a f*ckin hot bathing suit.
    -HeSource URL: http://hayleyatwellstuff.blogspot.com/2011/03/fall-is-comingget-all-wet.html
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